All Tillers are laminated with ash and mahogany, and resorcinol glued. Finished tillers are varnished with four coats of marine varnish. Unfinished tillers are completely shaped and sanded ready for varnish.
Minus $30 for unfinished 

 Cold Weather Deal: 44"-48" total length, 4-5" rise, 1.5" butt width, 2" butt height.
Catalina 22, 25     $130.00
J Boats 22, 24      $130.00  

Custom Tiller Pricing
Standard: 36-48" total length, 0-20" rise, 1-2" butt width, 2" butt height
Typically boats 16ft-28ft 


Large: 48-60" total length, 0-20" rise, 2-3" butt width, 2-3" butt height
Typically boats 28ft-40ft

XLarge: 60"+ total length, 0-30" rise, 3"+ butt width, 3"+ butt height
Typically boats 35ft-40ft 

starting at $325.00

          ANY TILLER by Progressive Woodworks of Georgia


Things to remember when selecting a tiller: If you bought a used boat that came with a tiller it is possible that tiller is a different profile than the boat. It is a good rule of thumb to have proper measurments when ordering a tiller. See Tiller Sizing below.

Hatchboard Info.
Most hatch openings have variations in size. Even slight variations require us to have a paper pattern of your old hatch. We also ask that you contact us. 770-945-3850. Or email your number and time we can contact you. Thank you.
Tiller Order Form

 Ordering is easy. Fill out the entire form below with any additional notes you feel may be necessary (See Tiller Sizing at top left for more info). Once the form is submitted you will be contacted regarding pricing and other order details*. We accept credit card, check, and cash as payment. Allow 2-4 weeks plus delivery time to receive completed product. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

* We try to respond within 24 hours.

1. Boat make, model, year:
2. Profile Shape A,B,C,D,E,F,G:
3. Total Length:
4. Tiller Curve height/Rise:
5. Butt End Width:
6. Butt End Height:
7. Additional Notes(unfinished,finished,square butt, rounded butt):
8. Your Name:
9. Email:
10. Street Address:
11. City & Zip:
Warranty: All tillers are guaranteed to be of good materials and workmanship, free from defects which render them unserviceable for the use they are intended. Natural variations in color and/or texture of wood are not to be considered defects. .
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